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VBS Transfer Plan

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Last Updated March 07, 2000

This page provides administrative guidance and steps for using the VBS Transfer Plan to transfer prospects discovered in VBS to the Sunday School rolls. This is an excellent follow-up approach to conserve the results of VBS, mission VBS and Backyard Bible Clubs.


When Vacation Bible School has been a good experience for pupils, an invitation to continue that experience is often met with enthusiasm and positive response.

Vacation Bible School has become a major strategy for growth in many churches since it is supportive of the Sunday School's tasks. Sunday School enrollment increases can be dramatic when the VBS Transfer Plan is used. The concept is to transfer VBS pupils who are not members of any Sunday School to your Sunday School roll.

When properly understood and used, the VBS Transfer Plan can help your church take advantage of the evangelistic and outreach opportunities of Vacation Bible School.

The VBS director, pastor, and Sunday School director are responsible for interpreting and leading the church to implement this plan. Parents of preschoolers and children should be asked for permission to transfer the child from Vacation Bible School to Sunday School. Youth and adults not enrolled in Sunday School may give their own permission.

Once permission is given, prepare class record cards for these new Sunday School members. Plan for follow-up letters to go out and visits to be made within one week of the transfer.

GET READY BEFORE Vacation Bible School

Preparation for using the Transfer Plan includes these actions:

Interpret the VBS Transfer Plan to the Sunday School Council, and propose that it be adopted as an enrollment procedure.
Present the plan to all Sunday School workers. Request their participation in transfer visitation and other follow-up activities.
Enlist VBS workers with a commitment to conduct VBS Transfer Plan visitation and follow-up.
Train VBS faculty and others who are involved in VBS pre-enrollment to get complete information on each person when filling out VBS Enrollment Cards.
Discuss with appropriate Sunday School workers possible schedules for home visits. This is the time parents would give their approval to enroll preschoolers and children in Sunday School.
Lead the VBS Promotion Team to plan actions to reach unsaved and unenrolled persons for VBS.
Use direct mail, the telephone, and personal visits to pre-enroll in VBS persons who are Sunday School prospects.
Provide transportation to Vacation Bible School, and advertise the availability of this service.

GET SET DURING Vacation Bible School

These steps, when taken during VBS, can increase the potential impact of the Transfer Plan:

Let pupils know that while VBS is for a limited time, they can continue their Bible-study activities in Sunday School each week.
Obtain complete information on every member. In some cases, workers may need to meet parents on the parking lot, send notes home with pupils, or make phone calls or visits to complete the necessary information.
Begin on the first day to identify prospects for Sunday School and to complete prospect cards on all parents and other unenrolled family members. Make assignments to the appropriate Sunday School class or department.
Schedule a joint meeting of VBS and Sunday School workers for the purpose of making visitation assignments. Request visitors to make home visits within a certain time period after VBS. Some churches use Family Night to talk with parents and to seek to transfer pupils and enroll family members in Sunday School.
When permission is granted, visitors may write transfer on the VBS Enrollment Card and turn it in to the Sunday School secretary, who completes the enrollment process. If permission is not given, the visitors may write prospect on the card. The information then is entered on a prospect card and assigned to the appropriate Sunday School class/department for follow-up.
Keep church members aware of progress through announcements, notices in the bulletin or newsletter, and mailing.
Prepare and mail follow-up letters to new Sunday School members.

GO, VISIT, AND WITNESS AFTER Vacation Bible School

After Vacation Bible School, Sunday School visitation should focus on new members and prospects who already have been cultivated through VBS. Visitation should continue until all VBS pupils not attending a Sunday School have an opportunity to transfer to your Sunday School. Each person transferring to Sunday School should receive a letter from the pastor expressing appreciation for becoming a part of the Sunday School. The appropriate Sunday School department director or class teacher should visit to get acquainted with the person transferring and the family members.

Family members may be guests of your church for the Wednesday night supper. Adults may invite prospects to their home for a meal or informal fellowship time. Youth prospects may be invited on youth trips, camps, retreats, and other social events. Parents of preschool prospects can be encouraged to participate in Mother's Day Out or in family- or parent-enrichment activities or seminars.

The key to reaching new people for your Sunday School through VBS is to enroll as many unsaved and unchurched children, youth, and adults as possible. Then conduct the follow-up actions necessary to cultivate and assimilate them into the life and ministry of your church.

Prepared by John McInnis, Associate, Sunday School Department, Florida Baptist Convention, Jacksonville. Garry W. Insko, Team Leader, Ministry Design Resources Section. Judy Wooldridge, Manager Ministry Design Resources Section. Bill L. Taylor, Director, Bible Teaching-Reaching Division. Billie Pate, Associate Director, Bible Teaching-Reaching Division. O. Eugene Mims, Vice-President, Church Growth Group. James T. Draper, Jr., President, The Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention.

Permission is granted to duplicate this plan for use in training workers in a Sunday School or Vacation Bible School. However, it may not be reprinted in a salable product without permission of the publisher, The Sunday School Board of the Southern Baptist Convention, Nashville, TN.


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