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VBS Testimony

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March 30, 2006

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In 1968, a Baptist church on the west side of Columbus decided to hold its regular Vacation Bible School. Someone from that church invited Shirley, a nine-year-old girl, to attend, along with her three brothers and sisters. The children had nothing better to do during the week, so decided to attend. The family didn't have time to attend church; they spent their weekends getting together with friends and family to drink and play cards.

The parents were invited to the family night service on the last night of the VBS. Thinking their children would get bored during the week and drop out, they promised to attend only if the children attended VBS the entire week. Due to God's leadership in providing faithful, loving, caring teachers and a well organized VBS, the children enjoyed the experience and attended each session.

The parents kept their promise and attended family night. They were proud of the things the children learned and made during VBS and seemed to have a good time meeting the workers, but were glad when the evening ended.

A few weeks later, Shirley received a visit from her VBS teacher, Mrs. Hartley. She invited Shirley to sing in the children's choir during the church's upcoming revival. She offered to pick Shirley up if she needed a ride. Shirley liked her teacher and wanted to sing in the choir; her parents took her to each service of the revival so they could hear her sing. That initial contact with the message of Christ in VBS, plus the concern of a dedicated worker, has had the following results so far:

- Shirley's entire family of seven are saved; her father is a Southern Baptist preacher and her mother is a Sunday School teacher.

- Shirley's grandmother was saved at the age of 63.

- Shirley's aunt, uncle, and three of their children are saved; her uncle leads music in a Baptist church.

- Shirley's neighbors, a family of five, are all saved.

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