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Last Updated January 19, 2000

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Table of Contents
Program Documentation
Installation Issues
Frequently Asked Questions 
Tips for current users

Program Documentation

Complete program documentation for the Church Database Software is available in  Adobe Acrobat .PDF version.  It may be read online, but it's better to save a copy (File->Save As...) to your computer and read from your local disk. Note: this is a long document (1 Mbyte), so give it plenty of time to download.

Click Here to download Church Database Software Documentation
(1 megabyte)

Installation Issues

Note: The installation of this web-based distribution is slightly different from the diskette-based version described in the program documentation.

Program and database files are loaded in the directory C:\CHURCH by default.  We recommend that you allow the installation to proceed to this default location; you can move it at a later time if you choose.

  1. Download the program distribution file from this site. 

  2. Run the setup file, DISTA.EXE, to unpack the FoxPro runtime engine, the application file CHURCH.APP (contains all the CHURCH database program logic), and the prototype database files.

  3. The setup file will output:


    Hit <enter> to continue with the installation.

  4. The files will be copied to the C:\CHURCH directory, and a shortcut to the CHURCH program will be placed on the desktop.

  5. Click on the CHURCH icon on the desktop to run the program.

  6. The first time you run CHURCH, the program will complain about the system date being out of synchronization with its internal idea of the date.  Enter "N" to accept the system date as correct.  (This will not occur again unless you don't run CHURCH for a long period of time.)

  7. When you get to the CHURCH main menu, immediately enter "IZ" to create all necessary database index files.

  8. Refer to the program documentation to proceed with initial setup and customization.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's where they go; use the Support Page or email to ask questions for now.

Tips for current users

  1. The current version of the CHURCH database software would not properly handle dates after January 1, 2000. To enter birthdates, anniversaries, visitation dates, or membership dates of 01/01/2000 or later, you should download the current version of the CHURCH.APP program file, available now.

  2. A bug in the changes to allow any month for organizational year start will result in failure to initialize the statistics counts at the end of 1998. This should happen when you transfer the attendance counts to the MEMSHIP file after the last Sunday of the Sunday School year.

    A new version of the CHURCH.APP program correcting this problem is in the works. For now, however, if you began your Sunday School year in September, you may download a version of the SSSTATS.MEM file with all counts zeroed out, which is what the last Sunday transfer should have done.

    To download this file, click on SSSTATS.MEM and "save to disk" when your browser asks. I recommend that you back up your existing SSSTATS.MEM file (located in the \CHURCH directory) and then replace it with the new version. Your statistics should accrue normally from the time you install the new file.

  3. If you have problems with printer timeouts, insert the following line in your AUTOEXEC.BAT file:


    (Don't forget that you must reboot for changes in AUTOEXEC to take effect.)

    The symptom that this fixes often occurs with Laser printers or other fairly slow printers, resulting in a red warning screen "Printer not responding...Retry?" when you print long jobs.  This line results in infinite retries from DOS to your printer, so it won't bother you with telling it to retry.

    {An alternative approach is to add the following line to your CONFIG.FP file (found in the \CHURCH directory):


    This value will cause FOXPRO to retry the printer one million times before popping up the red error screen.

  4. If you are seeing strange results such as the wrong names appearing when you do a search or reference workers or deacons, try re-indexing your files by

    Main Menu->(I)ndex->(Z) all files

    It is always safe to re-index, and it may cure your problem.


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Thomas J. Cook, Webmaster
Updated: Wednesday, January 19, 2000