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Last Updated May 23, 2000

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Download Latest Patch
Download Program Documentation
Download Entire Program 

Download Latest Patch

The latest update for the CHURCH.APP program is available for download in self-extracting ZIP (.EXE) format from this page. Run the CHURCH.EXE file to extract CHURCH.APP and README.TXT.

NOTE: You must already have a copy of the
full CHURCH Database package
to use this update.

Important: If you have not updated your
CHURCH.APP program since 1/1/2000, please proceed 
to the Y2K patch page to read important information.

Click to download the latest update for  the CHURCH Database Software
(size 350 KB)
[Updated 5/9/2000]

Download Program Documentation

Complete program documentation for the Church Database Software is available in  Adobe Acrobat .PDF version.  It may be read online, but it's better to save a copy (File->Save As...) to your computer and read from your local disk. Note: this is a long document (1 Mbyte), so give it plenty of time to download.

Click Here to download Church Database Software Documentation
(1 megabyte)

Church Program Registration

To download the current version of the Church Database Program, please complete the following form.  Once you click "Submit," you will transfer to the download page where you can download the installation and documentation packages.

The Church program is provided as shareware.  Feel free to try it in your church situation to see if it meets your needs.  If you continue to use it, please send a check for $25 to:

Thomas J. Cook
477 Uxbridge Ave.
Gahanna, Ohio 43230

This token payment provides for recovery of Microsoft license fees and helps defray the expenses of running this web page.

The main disadvantage of this program is that I am unable to promise any level of support beyond a "best-effort" attempt to help out.  I will try to fix bugs as time allows and, will update the CHURCH.APP program (which contains all the program logic) as frequently as necessary.  I can make no promise for response times or other consultation.  The best support request channel is through the support page or direct email.

Be sure to include all information to help provide you service.

Name: Church:
Email: Sunday School Enrollment:

State:  Telephone: 
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Thomas J. Cook, Webmaster
Updated: Tuesday, May 23, 2000