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This page is just for parents!  It will contain helpful information so you know what's happening in Fourth Grade Sunday School at Jersey, and how to support your child to get the most from Sunday School.


Here's what's happening in the Fourth Grade department!  (Coming events, parties, special emphases)
bulletParents' Letter
A copy of a letter sent to each of our parents, this page provides basic information about our plans for the Sunday School year and how the children can get the most out of the experience.
bulletSupporting your child's learning
Each pupil will bring home a leaflet each week with activities which help reinforce the previous Sunday's study topic.  Most weeks will suggest an activity that the entire family can participate in.  Please encourage your child to share these with the family, and try some of the family activities together.  We believe that this single thing will have the most positive results in keeping your entire family strong and healthy, helping develop close relationships with your child, and supporting the best possible spiritual development for your entire family. 
Our curriculum is Gospel Project produced by LifeWay Christian Resources of the Southern Baptist Convention.  You can find a list of scripture passages and topics for fourth graders on our Sunday Sessions page, This is a three-year series covering the entire Bible, Genesis to Revelation, with special emphasis on the "Big Picture" of the Bible and the connection of each story to God's Son, Jesus.

The Principle of Family Responsibility

Sunday school operates as a supportive partner with the parents, affirming the home as the center of biblical guidance.  Sunday School is committed to help equip Christian parents, including single parents, to fulfill their responsibility as the primary Bible teachers and disciplers of their children.  In addition, Sunday School will seek to nurture sound and healthy families and seek to lead non-Christian family members to Christ.

bulletPrivacy Statement
Please discuss with your child the importance of keeping personal information private on the World Wide Web. Information provided on Kidz Web Home will never be released to any outside person or agency, nor will it be used for any purpose other than evaluating the page and communicating with the respondent if necessary.  Some pages (guest book, story page, etc.) request information for display on that page.  Providing such information is optional, and only first names may be provided if desired.  Full names, addresses, or telephone numbers should never be provided on a public web forum.
bulletContact us
We stand ready to help you and your family in any way we can.  Please send email to, or feel free to call us if we can support you in any way.

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