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A Prophet and Kings

bulletUnit Thrust
Continuing further along our Bible survey route, we move from Judges to the books of 1 and 2 Samuel and 1 Kings as we learn about Samuel, the last of the judges and first of the prophets, and the first three kings of Israel: Saul, David, and Solomon.
bulletFebruary 5: Samuel's Birth and Calling
bulletScripture: 1 Samuel 1-4:1
bulletMemory Verse:
I call on You, God, because You will answer me. -- Psalm 17:6
bulletLife Application:
I can communicate with God through prayer.
bulletFebruary 12: King Saul
bulletScripture: 1 Samuel 9-10; 11:12-15; 13:1-15; 15
bulletMemory Verse:
I know the plans I have for you--this is the Lord's declaration. -- Jeremiah 29:11
bulletLife Application:
I can know and follow God's plan for my life.
bulletFebruary 19: King David
bulletScripture: 1 Samuel 16; 2 Samuel 5-8
bulletMemory Verse:
Serve the Lord with gladness. -- Psalm 100:2
bulletLife Application:
I can use my abilities and talents to serve God.
bulletFebruary 26: King Solomon
bulletScripture: 1 Kings 1:28-40; 3:1-15; 4:29-9:5; 11:41-43
bulletMemory Verse:
The Lord gives wisdom; from His mouth come knowledge and understanding. -- Proverbs 2:6
bulletLife Application:
I can ask God to help me make wise choices.

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