Bones: Guess the Word

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If you visit our Sunday School class during June or July, you will see lots of bees around the walls of the room (including a couple of big bee balloons).  These are to remind us to "Be all you can be for Jesus."  There is a positive character trait by each of the bees, and those are the words included in this sleeping dog word guessing activity.  See how many you can guess!  (Hint: lots of the words end in ING.)

Bones provided by mckendrick


This game is similar to "hangman." Click on the dog to start, then try to guess the word by entering a letter. When you have won or lost a game, press the enter key for a new word to guess.

Note: The first time you win or lose a game, there will be a delay while the sound is downloaded--please wait for the sounds to play! If you leave this page while an animation is playing and then return, Bones may not respond correctly - "refresh" and it will work again!

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