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Text Box: August 25, 2013


Text Box: Welcome to Fourth Grade Sunday School!  We’ve been told that you’ll be in our class this year at Jersey Baptist, and we’re looking forward to meeting you.  We will have a great time this year as we study the Bible together, have lots of fun, and do things for others.

You’ll want to be in our Fourth Grade room bright and early (room 5022—look for the Fourth Grade sign and your name by the door)—remember, we start promptly at 9:45 each Sunday morning.  You won’t want to miss our “Power Up” activity each Sunday, which helps us have fun and get ready to learn.  If you get there early, we’ll be there, ready with some fun things for you to do.

Just so you know what to expect: we will be continuing our three-year trip through the Bible this year, starting in September with the book of 1 Kings.  We will all be wearing name tags for the first few Sundays, so we can learn one another’s names.  We will take your picture the first time you come, and we will use the pictures throughout the year in lots of interesting ways.  We will make lots of use of our class computer this year, and you will see your picture in many of the activities.  We will also use the computer to play games to help us remember the things we study about.  And we’ll learn in lots of other ways, too, using skits, stories, games, videos, and more.

To help us even more, please complete the enclosed “All about Me” sheet and bring it with you.  The left-hand part of the sheet is for you to keep, with information about our class, including how to find our very own class web site.  It will contain information about what we’re studying and some of the computer games we use in class.  Please give us your email address (and your parents’ email as well) so we can let you know even more about what we’ll be doing.

Of course, we’ll be studying the Bible each week…so don’t forget to bring your Bible along to use in class.  In addition, we will supplement our study frequently with video clips, drama, and even Lego stories.

We will also be doing things to help other people during the year, beginning with our great Thanksgiving Food Contest.  We will have lots of fun as we collect canned goods to help needy families as part of the church Thanksgiving food drive.  Our class last year had a great time making Christmas packs for truckers from our Jersey Truck Stop Ministry, as well as several other service projects.

Because no one can learn enough about God in just one hour a week, we’ll be giving you an Adventure book each month which has a daily scripture, prayer, and devotional thought—designed especially for kids, with fun stories and pictures.  We will also be giving you a trading card every week with additional fun activities you can do at home, even with your family.  We hope that all your family will be attending Sunday school, so you will all be able to help one another learn.

We’re looking forward to seeing you—starting Sunday, September 1.  We promise to pray for you and do our best to help you learn about Jesus and the Bible.

See you soon!

 Mr. and Mrs. Cook

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