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One of the things we learn in Fourth Grade Sunday School is about missions and missionaries, as they tell people all over the world about the Good News of Jesus.  We learn that we can pray for missionaries, give to support mission causes, and perhaps even go as missionaries some day.  We usually study the book of Acts during the year as it tells about Paul's great adventures on his missionary journeys, and we also learn about present-day missionaries and how they minister in today's world.  We even help real live missionaries by praying for them and sending them notes and gifts of encouragement.

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Lottie Moon

One major emphasis during the year is the Lottie Moon Christmas Offering for International Missions at Christmas time.  It is named after a pioneer missionary to China, Charlotte Diggs (Lottie) Moon.  Click here or on her picture to read about her inspiring life.  You can also find  the cookie recipe for the tea cookies that Lottie Moon baked for the Chinese children--try them! 


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Missions Links

Here are some places you can learn more about missions and missionaries:
bulletKidzPlace.org -- Great kids resources from the North American Mission Board.  Suggestions for projects, a kids devotional page, games, art, and more.
bullet Kids on Mission -- The kids section of the International Mission Board.  Check out Surfer Bob, Penny, and Mr. Christopher as they help us learn about missions and different cultures all around the world.

Children in Action Mission Headquarters -- This support site for the Children in Action mission program provides lots of resources like international recipes, instructions for international games, and fun facts and tidbits about different nations and cultures.  Each month a different Missionary Kid is featured, with pictures and stories about his or her adventures on the mission field.


Would you like to exchange mail with a Missionary Kid on the foreign field?  Email your request to IMB Resource Center to find the name of a Missionary Kid with whom you can correspond...be a Pen Pal and help encourage others while learning about missions and the world!


International Missions Board home page.

bulletNorth American Missions Board home page.


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