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Sunday School Charlie

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September 01, 2009

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Sunday School Charlie


I have been concerned about how to effectively communicate to children how what they learn in Sunday School from the Bible can and should make a difference in their day-to-day lives.  Of course, we attempt to do that in the context of every story, but it seemed that the "big picture" was missing. 

I discovered Sunday School Charlie, a series of stories about a boy who loves to attend Sunday School, and proudly wears his Sunday School attendance pin all the time.  Charlie experiences many of the same frustrations that boys and girls do today--problems in his relationships with friends, parents, and frustration in figuring out what God's will really is in his life.  Other children make fun of him from time to time for being a Christian.  And Charlie struggles with doing the right thing...and doesn't always succeed.  Many story segments end with Charlie in his bed at night thinking about what he should do about the problems in his life.  But Charlie has plenty of fun and adventures with his friends, and the situation is always resolved at the end of the story--with Charlie learning that he can trust in God's Word and His care.

Flannelgraph Format
Missionary to Slocum Alley x  
God's Little Leaguer x  
Mystery of the Golden Key x  
The Haunted House (text only) x  
Mystery at Oak Street School x  
Secret at Shadow Mountain x  
* Swift River Rescue   x
* SS Charlie Takes a Hike   x
* C Scouts Dig In   x

* New stories based on the original series, developed by AMF

Original Stories

The first 6 stories of SS Charlie are available in flannelgraph format through Child Evangelism Fellowship in Long Beach, CA.

CEF: Child Evangelism Fellowship
Plain paper printed format $19.99 each
Text only story
$3.95 (new story using figures from other stories)
www.ceflongbeach.com (Look under Bookstore—Lessons & Stories)

New Stories

New stories with the Sunday School Charlie characters are available in various formats through American Missionary Fellowship.  See additional details below.

AMF: American Missionary Fellowship
Plain paper printed format $25.00 each; CD PowerPoint format $5.00

American Missionary Fellowship


Sunday School Charlie Lives Again!!

Three new adventures for SS Charlie are available. These were written and illustrated by AMF missionary Jayne Kucewucz (NY). These new five-part adventures are in the same style and build on the original series of six stories.

Swift River Rescue

CD for $5.00. There are 44 pages of full color illustrations that go with the story that you will have to print out.
Full color printed format on plain paper for $25.00.

SS Charlie Takes a Hike

CD for $5.00. 51 pages of illustrations.
Full color printed format on plain paper for $25.00.

Both stories on CD for $8.00.
Both stories printed in color for $40.00.

C Scouts Dig In

Charlie and his friends learn about creation and fossils, and even participate in an archaeological dig!

CD for $5.00.  54 pages of illustrations.
Full color printed format on plain paper for $25.00.


You can order the CDs and/or the printed version from the AMF National Headquarters.
Email: J.Andreozzi@americanmissionary.org.

Flocked Paper

If you want to use flocked paper in your ink jet printer, it is available from Regular Baptist Press at $2.99 for 12 sheets. RBP is at www.regularbaptistpress.org or 800-727-4440. They call it Suede-backed paper, and the part # is RBP5525.

Original Stories on CD in "scene" and PowerPoint format

For smaller and larger groups, AMF is taking the original stories and putting the completed images (a scene) into 8 x 11 format for small groups and also into PowerPoint for projecting to large groups.

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