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Last Updated October 14, 1999


1. Express commitment to Bible study as basic to all that a church does.

2. Exemplify the church’s commitment to Bible study.

3. Greet and help newcomers find the right place for Bible study.

4. Start sessions on time and stop them on time.

5. Create a positive atmosphere for the entire Sunday School.

6. Know where each class and department meets.

7. Know what is going on in each department and class.

8. Represent individual department and class needs to the Sunday School director, pastor, and other general officers.

9. Visit departments and classes as a supportive influence.

10. Counsel with leaders and pupils as needed.

11. Be sensitive to individual needs and feelings.

12. Motivate the leadership.

13. Provide unity of spirit among leaders and with leaders of other programs.

14. Set an example in all areas of Sunday School work.

15. Distribute materials and communicate information.

16. Promote visitation and see that classes and departments are contacting absentees and prospects.

17. Encourage each person contacted to attend worship service.

18. Be supportive of the pastor and other general officers.

19. Maintain a positive attitude at all times.


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