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Commissioning Service

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Last Updated June 08, 2003

This responsive reading is appropriate for use at the end of a commissioning service for Sunday School workers for the new year.  We have used it at the end of an evening worship service with testimonies from Sunday School pupils and parents, a sermon of challenge and charge to the workers and to to congregation, and before a season of prayer in dedication of the new workers.

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Sunday School Director: God in his wisdom gave each one of us gifts to carry on his work. Some teach little ones, others children, youth, or adults.

Sunday School Workers: We thank God for the gifts he has given.

Sunday School Director: Our community offers untold opportunities to share the gospel of Christ, and the Sunday School is organized to reach out to each person in love, attempting to involve each one in Bible study.

Sunday School Workers: We thank God for a plan to share the gospel of our Lord.

Sunday School Director: The Bible is the text of the Sunday School and is the inspired revelation of God to man. It contains the simple plan of salvation, directs us in our growth as disciples, and speaks to every issue of life.

Sunday School Workers: We thank God for his Holy Word.

Sunday School Director: As leaders in the Sunday School, we have a sacred responsibility to reach those assigned to us and to faithfully guide them in the study of Godís word. We must also teach them to apply the teachings of the Scripture in their daily walk.

Sunday School Workers: We recognize our great responsibility and commit ourselves to be faithful in it.



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