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Adult Bible Teaching

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Last Updated May 28, 2000


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Table of Contents

Adult Bible Teaching


The Adult Class

Reach Adults

Minister to Adults

Witness to Adults

Lead Adults to Worship

Fellowship with Adults

Class Organization A

Class Organization B

The Adult Learner


Developmental Needs

Developmental Needs


Learning Styles

Imaginative Learner

Analytical Learner

Dynamic Learner

Common Sense Learner



Levels of Learning

Levels of Learning

Teaching/learning Methods

Teaching/learning Methods

Basic Teaching Methods

Basic Teaching Methods

Basic Teaching Methods

Basic Teaching Methods

Supplemental Methods

Methods for Cognitive Outcomes

Methods for Affective Outcomes

Methods for Skill Outcomes

Create Learning Readiness

Making Bible Study Purposeful Explore Background Information

Making Bible Study Purposeful Overview Larger Bible Passage

Making Bible Study Purposeful Read the Bible Passage

Making Bible Study Purposeful Discover What the Passage Means

Get Bible Truth Into Life

Improving Learning

Preparing the Lesson

Preparing the Lesson


Author: Thomas J. Cook

Email: tjcook@earthlink.net

Home Page: http://sschool.com

Other information:
The Adult Bible Teacher has an extremely important task. This presentation helps define the purpose of the class, approaches to accomplishing that purpose, and supports the teacher with specific help in planning and preparing the Sunday morning session.

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Updated: Sunday, May 28, 2000